Sydebotham Animal Chiropractic provides chiropractic care large & small animals.

Including horses, bucking bulls, show cattle, show hogs, show lambs & goats, dogs, & cats.

Dr. TC Sydebotham, DC is an animal chiropractor from Bartlesville, OK. He has been adjusting animals of all sizes for three years after completing his education at Palmer College of Chiropractic & Options College of Animal Chiropractic. He is national and state board certified as an animal chiropractor. Dr TC Sydebotham, DC has a very gentle, yet highly effective adjusting procedure. Whenever an animal is brought to him for an exam, he will assess the entire animal. Everything from his head to his tail. Detail is of utmost importance during the examination. He is intensely focused on finding the cause of the problem, how to fix it, and educating the owner in detail how to spot a reoccurring problem.

Would your animal be a candidate for a chiropractic exam? These are just some of the signs and symptoms Dr. TC Sydebotham, DC is looking for in the exam:

For your horse:

  • 1. Not picking up the correct lead.
  • 2. Lameness
  • 3. Decrease ability to turn the head in one or both directions.
  • 4. Tender places to touch throughout the body.
  • 5. A broke horse wanting to buck, when it is unusual for his nature.
  • 6. Loosing time in a timed event such as barrels, roping, racing, cutting, ranch hand, ect.
  • 7. Not having a smooth canter for western pleasure.

For smaller little friends like Dogs and Cats:

  • 1. Tail tucked between legs.
  • 2. Decreased energy levels.
  • 3. Trigger points.
  • 4. Ribs hurting.
  • 5. Bladder incontinence.
  • 6. Hip pain.

Dr. TC Sydebotham has taken care of the smallest of tea cup chihuahua that lost function of his back legs and bladder incontinence, to draft horses pulling 2000 lbs sleds in the Tulsa State Fair.

You will not find a more passionate and caring doctor for your animal.

Dr. TC can make farm calls or he regularly meets animal appointments at Yocham’s Arena 4 miles east of Bartlesville, OK on Hwy 60. There is plenty of gravel parking for trucks and trailers.

Also, look for Dr. TC at area rodeos & shows. Check out Sydebotham Animal Chiropractic facebook page for events Dr. TC will be available to adjust your 4 legged friends.